27 Dec 2009

Green bloggers reunited

Just been updating my list of Green bloggers.

What to put in? I mean this from United Diversity on Pirate economics is a must, but will United keep blogging, sadly posting seem a bit sparse. How far do you go, there are plenty of blogs which seem like personal diaries, although I am engrossed by Earthen Witches problems with lime rendering.

I have included lots of local Green Party blogs including my own local party site, East Berkshire which seems to be absent from greenfeed, total politics and other lists of Greens.

Hackney Green Allotment is pretty interesting but I wonder whether they will ever update.

There are some unexpected gems, I am by no means an evangelical christian but the Green Christian is and has some interesting posts.

I have been glad to find Debra Storr's blog, a lot of my work is campaigning with indigenous people whose land is being stolen by corporations, the closest to this in the UK is in Aberdeenshire where Donald Trump is trying to build a giant golf course that will lead to people being evicted and nature despolied.

Debra was a Lib dem councillor and is now a Green Party member and is putting up a tremendous battle against the goliath who seems to have the Scottish establishment in the palm of his hand.

Debra notes on here 'National disgrace, scoundrel and extremist' blog 'To celebrate my formal acceptance into the Scottish Green Party, despite their being warned that, according to the Trump Organisation, I am a national disgrace, scoundrel and extremist, I have decided to rename this blog - and share a view of those famously beautiful dunes.'.....yes if you are a sincere green this is what you will be called!

Do sign the petition and support Tripping up Trump too.

I have also included a list of ecosocialist bloggers and I am going to rejig all the super Greens like Nandor Tanczos and Caroline Lucas blogs as well.

Do mail me with suggestions for other green blogs, so far I have mainly listed UK green and ecosocialist bloggers, do click on some at random, more fun than the TV!

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