28 Dec 2009

Reason, Faith and Revolution

I am not a believer but some of the best people fighting for socialism and ecology are! This is from a review of Terry Eagleton's new book challenging some critics of religion:

Eagleton, a confessed non-believer, who does not spare organised religion responsibility for its crimes in this book, nonetheless outlines at length what he believes would be a positive, emancipatory theology. This can be derived directly from the Gospels, which after all form an account of Jesus’ struggle against organised religion. Jesus appears in Eagleton’s account as almost a guerrilla fighter, contemptuous of the wealthy, the powerful and the hypocritical. Instead of acting as a respectable middle-class vicar, he challenges the authorities and preaches the overthrow of existing social relations. He consorts openly with the lowest elements of Palestinian society – lepers, money-lenders, prostitutes and the heretical sect of Samaritans. In contrast to many centuries of Christian puritanism, Jesus is so relaxed about sexual morality that he says virtually nothing about it.

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Jim Denham said...

derek: I - a member of the AWL - have previously asked you to debate or discuss your differences with me. following your sneering remarks about the AWL.

Once again, I offer you the opportunity to do so. But I suspect you're unwiling to do so. When you fail to do so I will draw my own conclusions.

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