31 Dec 2009

New Year Resolutions

1. Elect Caroline Lucas as Britain's first Green Party MP
The latest polls suggest Caroline can win but as the election draws near it will get tough, I have been down to Brighton to help. If enough people go down and help delivering leaflets and canvassing, she will win. Its very easy to help, election work will be going on pretty much all the time for now on. The Green Party office is in the Eco centre right next to the train station in Brighton. Click on the link and arrange to go and help at least once between now and the General Election


If you are a UK citizen you can donate to her campaign here.

2. Support indigenous struggles for the environment.
The indigenous have been putting a tremendous fight to stop the rainforests and other ecosystems being trashed. In Latin American they are really well organised and putting lots of pressure on governments to go Green. Frankly they have been much more successful at fighting climate change and other environmental problems than Green Parties or environmental pressure groups. Sign up to Intercontinental Cry and act on the updates. If you read Spanish Aidesep the organisation of Amazon peoples is brilliant, please spread the word. My good friend Hugo Blanco published Lucha Indigena here. Survival International also do briliant work.

3. Dump the bad banks. Banks rule the world, privatisation has put politics in the hands of finance capitalist who think only of their bonuses. Drop your bank and get a mutual or coop account. They are certainly far from perfect and its a tiny gesture really but every little helps and why put your hard earned cash to the destruction of the planet and to financial chaos.

4. Get down to climate camp. Climate camp continue to inspire, they do serious work on climate change and have a no nonsense approach to the swindle known as carbon trading. Hook up with them and visit.

5. Adopt a sceptic. Only 18% of Daily Mail readers believe in human created climate change, madness, the Daily Mail seem keen to make sure none of us have a future. Have a look at the arguments of climate sceptics and challenge them. They don't add up but they do need to be challenged. Here is my handy guide to the sceptics 'arguments' which basically boil down to 'We want drive our SUVs so you can feck off' plus some ramblings about conspiracy involving Al Gore and communism.

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