18 Dec 2009

Copenhagen catastrophe

I think people will have to do it for themselves.

This is what the head of Greenpeace had to say:

"It seems there are too few politicians in this world capable of looking beyond the horizon of their own narrow self-interest, let alone caring much for the millions of people who are facing down the threat of climate change," he said.
"It is now evident that beating global warming will require a radically different model of politics than the one on display here in Copenhagen."

The basic assumptions of carbon trading, cheat neutral and rich rewards for bankers from stealing ecosystems suggest that greed not human need remained the motive.

Even within this framework of fraud Copenhagen failed to deliver.

People like Obama have children but there is little evidence they care about them! If they did they would construct solutions which move beyond derivatives and hedge funds as the motors of climate policy.


weggis said...

And you are surprised?

Chris M said...

Copenhagen has failed. The UN has failed to address the most important crisis in human history. This is now the time for sanctions, boycotts and embargoes. A new alliance is needed. An alliance of hope and peace and justice must be built to oppose the axis of pollution, extinction and self destruction.


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