23 Dec 2009

Early Christmas present from Clare Solomon

Just spotted this from Clare Solomon, do spread the word, the revolution will be SOASised!

ALL welcome. And a happy bah humbug to you all (this bit is from me, Clare!)

Chris Knight, Hillel Ticktin and William Dixon debate:

Thursday 21 January, 7.15pm, Room B102, Brunei Gallery,
SOAS, University of London, Thornaugh St. WC1 (Russell Sq. tube).

At the next election millions will vote for pro-capitalist political parties that offer little except cutbacks and austerity. Despite economic crisis, climate chaos and disastrous wars, people see no alternative to capitalism - and revolution seems, at best, an impossible dream.

Yet all three speakers at this debate believe this situation cannot last indefinitely. Their differing interpretations of anthropology, economics and history each show that a 21st Century global revolution is a real possibility - not just a dream.

Could they be right? Come and join the debate.

Chris Knight is an anthropology lecturer, sacked for his involvement in the G20 anti-capitalist protests, and author of Blood Relations, Menstruation and the Origins of Culture.

Hillel Ticktin is editor of Critique, a Journal of Socialist Theory.

William Dixon is a Mute magazine contributor.

Check the Critique and Radical Anthropology Group websites in 2010 for further meetings in London.

Please publicise widely, thanks.


Unknown said...

Brilliant Derek, thx for this. I think it's going to be packed tho so I wud advise an early show to guarentee a seat.

I will get a proper poster made over the hols.

Also, more exciting developments on the way...watch thus space ;-)

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Nice job Derek, thanks for this.
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