30 Dec 2009

Influential blogger says Caroline has 'head of steam'

On my massive 3 or 4% of the vote here in Windsor, I am not funnily enough an advocate of tactical voting. The Brighton politics blog has forensic interest in local politics with word of censure and praise for all parties. I don't always agree with the blog but I always read it as does anyone else with an interest in Brighton politics. So it was good to see this:

The Greens now have a head of steam which should allow them to have a clear run-in against Charlotte Vere, playing on the goodwill of Labour and Lib Dem supporters, to harness a substantial vote against the Tories. Labour supporters are very unlikely to vote Tory to keep the Greens out, some will, for honourable reasons, remain loyal to their party and to Nancy Platts. The Greens need to nurture the green/left/anti-Tory vote. It is likely that Caroline Lucas can now look forward to a substantial victory at the General Election.
If the situation was reversed, with Labour having a ten point lead over the Greens in Brighton Pavilion, it is not likely that two thirds of Green voters would consider voting Labour. That is both a strength and a weakness of the Greens – able to attract wider support, but ultimately not a party of the left (although New Labour has tried to ensure that it is not seen as being of the left).
This blog, having sat on the fence for so long, calls for unreserved tactical voting in Brighton Pavilion for the Green Party.

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