16 Dec 2009

Climate camp TV reports CopoutHagen repression

Dear all

News are starting to come in from today's Reclaim Power action: right now, a crowd of people with accreditation has gathered and chanting "Climate Justice!" in the middle of the conference centre; several thousand protesters are doing the same only a few minutes away (some of them are being pepper-sprayed); and NGOs including Friends of the Earth and Avaaz are stuck in the entrance hall to the talks as their accreditation has been refused (embeddable video @ http://www.justin.tv//petersanderstead)

With all this happening, it's essential not to forget why protesters are doing what they're doing - and so here's a link to the video of yesterday's press conference by Climate Justice Action and Climate Justice Now!, in the Bella Centre http://www6.cop15.meta-fusion.com/kongresse/cop15/templ/create_sse.php?id_kongressmain=1&theme=cop15&id_kongresssession=2563 (follow the instructions on the right of the video to embed a section of the clip)

For live updates from the demonstrations, see our twitter www.twitter.com/climatecamp

Thanks for the attention and support!


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