31 Dec 2009

Sign the petition to release climate prisoners

Please take a few moments to sign the petition to free these climate prisoners. Luca Tornatore is active with the Italian network, See You In Copenhagen.

Unfortunately Luca Tornatore, caught with other 85 comrades of our italian network during the police raid that crazy night (december 14th) in Christiania, is still in jail with the other people. He is one of the spokepersons of the italian SyinCOP network and he is a researcher as astrophysic in the University of Trieste . His legal situation is quite complicated and it is not going to be solved easly. We are waiting for preliminary hearing in the early days of the year, hopefully...
Anyway since December 14th we started a public campaign at different levels (from actions to official documents) to make pressure to danish institutions and to continue the struggle of Copenhagen, for climate justice, in our territories.
As already happened in many other countries (e.g. in Germany, UK, Spain, US) also in many italian cities like Trieste, Venezia, Napoli, Alessandria, (and many many others) there were organized solidarity actions as simbolic occupations, demos, manifestations, press conferences at the danish consulates and the campaign "Freedom for climate prisoners" will keep on till all the people will be released.


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