27 Dec 2009

Why I am sceptical

I do however think we need to be sceptical about the policies to deal with climate change, cap and trade doesn't reduce CO2 but does make a lot of cash for a financial elite.

Effective policies are needed instead, sadly they don't seem to be on the agenda.

I saw this comment on a Guardian story about Jude Sarong and Jesse Ventura putting the sceptic case(!), the comment (not their dumb documentary) is worth thinking about:

'There are two different issues at stake here:

1) Is man made global warming a hoax?

2) Is there a plan to use the issue of climate change to shift money from the poor to the rich, through speculation on carbon trading and increased taxation, and furthermore to make people accept far reaching totalitarian laws?

In all the debate I've read so far these two issues get mixed up far too often. A lot of global warming deniers/skeptics (including the makers of the above TV show) are using the second issue as evidence for the first. But that does not stand up. Both issues need to be proven separately, on their own terms.

Personally I have yet to see any substantial evidence proving that man made global warming is a hoax. I still place my trust in the large majority of scientists, even though I find it very worrying that the fact that dissenting climate scientists are losing their jobs may hinder them from carrying out their research in a free and unbiased manner.

My belief in man made global warming however does not stop me from believing that issue 2, the vast financial and political abuse that will stem from climate change, is not only possible but also very likely.'


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