24 Dec 2009

Son of no2eu to be called ' 'Trades Union & Socialist Coalition'


You can't proclaim a new party a couple of months before a General Election and hope to have any impact.

But this seems to be what the Socialist Party, Bob Crow and the CPB(?) seem to be doing.

I think, obviously, that the left should support the Green Party and strong left candidates outside the Green Party with a chance of victory.

'Trades Union & Socialist Coalition' is likely to pick up at best a few thousand votes here and there.

Instead I think they should put their energy into supporting Dave Nellist who might do a little better and to support Caroline Lucas, Salma Yaqoob and Dai Davies.

N02EU had a fairly limited impact in the European Elections, I don't think this will have a bigger impact, its about building up support over a number of years in constituencies through community campaigning.

Proclaiming a party national will not cut it, I suspect.

While left analysis is vital, I largely despair of left strategy in the UK. Very different in Latin America, may be the Brit left should see if they can learn anything from Morales, Chavez and co.


Chris Hyland said...

Catchy Name!

Anonymous said...

No2EU didnt have a big impact in the EU elections??? Are you serious? Them standing in the North West was part of the reason why the BNP now have Nick Griffen representing England in the EU.

If NO2EU did not stand the Greens would most certainly have gained the few extra votes needed to get elected. Same goes for the Socialist Labour Party.

Once again the stubborness of the left leads to the rise of fascism.

"Trade Union and Socialist Coalition" will be just another few divided votes amongst the left which is just what the fascists need.

drewish said...

I completely disagree with the above post. No2EU did not split the Green vote in the NW Euro elections - their vote came from mostly working class areas, where the Green vote came from more leafy, middle class wards.

Wherever No2EU, in the limited time it had to campaign, leafleted and had a presence, the BNP vote went down.

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