19 Dec 2009

Kelly Kwalik lies in the morgue, he should have led at Copenhagen

Very sad to learn of the death of Kelly Kwalik. He was a leader of the forces campaigning for Freedom in West Papua.

If the climate change process at Copenhagen meant anything he would be there leading a process of change, for Kelly, fought all his life to prevent the forests of West Papua from being destroyed.

In West Papua the rainforests are fast being logged for timber, to make way for mineral extraction, for biofuels.

The Indonesians invaded and stole everything.

In Peru my good friends are strong enough to resist the invasion of the rainforests.

In West Papua the call for local control of resources and an end to repression is more faintly heard by the world.

A process of what is essentially genocide continues and it is a process that is burning our planet, destroying the rainforests that maintain global ecological stability.

Kwalik was killed on wednesday by Indonesian troops.

His body has not even being buried.

The eco heros too often are cold in a military morgue, the eco zeros strut the world stage and write more blank cheques for corporations and banks while crying crocodile tears.


Andrew Johnson said...

Global warming, wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, destruction of forests from Peru to Papua, and the population explosion all have one root cause. The 20th century idealisation of "Work will set you free" / "Greed is good".

Work is not freedom, and Greed is not good. Whether the Nazi or Wall Street are using these mantra, they devalue human values & impede common sense.

For a hundred years mass media has re-invented Christmas and allowed mentally ill corporate executives to promote their own sick beliefs that 'everybody else' was meant to work 24/7 for his benefit.

Governments import more people into the nation to make the economy bigger, and refuse refugees who have no credit history to prove they will buckle under to the mantra.

Who are "they" ? The most mentally ill were Standard Oil and subsequent companies like Bechtel and Freeport.

Kelly Kwalik and the mining of West Papua are central to exposing the sickness that has mesmerise the governments & too many corporations.

Kelly Kwalik was a human being, we had NO right to sell him and his nation to Indonesia in the 1962 New York Agreement. West Papua is a colony as defined in UN General Assembly resolution 1541 and Indonesia must withdraw it's forces in accord with resolution 1514.

Derek Wall said...

thanks Andrew do if you don't already support the indigenous struggles and have a look at the free west papua movement,

the good news is at least in Latin America the indigenous are strong, growing and promoting an economic system based on human need not greed, destruction and over work.

if you read spanish take a look via google at aidesep and lucha indigena,

lets make sure Kelly lives in our focussed fight for a future

Green Catherine said...

Hi Andrew I am also saddened by the death of the OPM General Kelly Kwalik and outraged by the western collusion with the oppression of West Papua for its wealth in forests and mining. I have set up a support group for West Papua at the NZ Parliament
In solidarity for the forest peoples
Catherine Delahunty
Green MP Aotearoa/New Zealand

Unknown said...

I am a west papua watcher and have been following the Kelly Kwalik affairs, whats your take on the conspiracy theory that activist are saying about his death. Also does freeplort have a hand in the extraction of timber or is it the government? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

You people really must be high. Kelly Kwalik was a brutal murderer and a complete nut job. Do some fucking reasearch. He has killed a lot of innocent people.

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