6 Dec 2009

Fishy Alex Riley

Between you and me I don't really watch TV. Even Los Simpsons has fallen off, although I did watch The Waters of Mars

Weird but true, I don't really like TV.

However I do occasionally hang with people who do watch TV....so I have just watched a repeat of Alex Riley's Britain's most disgusting food on BBC 3. Episode fish.

Well not disgusting so much as endangered.

Have written a lot here and for up coming books on how fish are on the way out.

Great and very funny programme on endangered fish.

Door stopping Nobo about why they still sell Blue Fin Tuna even though it is close to extinction was magic.

Kentucky fried jelly fish was instructive, amusing but accurate propaganda from Greenpeace.

Rich people apparently like to snack on rare species to show off their bank bonuses.

climate change is also going to get the seas or to be precise the absorption of CO2 is turning the oceans acid and will kill food chains.

Not that tossers like Lord Lawson care, they would find an argument for eating babies if they found a taste.

Over consumption and waste are wrecking nature including the human part, we need a rethink and Alex Riley provided some nutritious instruction.


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