27 Dec 2009

Climate change solution involves 'good living'

Well there are plenty of 'libertarians' who all seem to coincide in the view that climate change is a global religion, interesting that freedom of thought seems to involve some very well paid people telling you want to think! More on that later.
Just got this from LINKS, there is an ecosocialist solution and no its nothing to do with Al Gore!

By *Ron Ridenour*

At the press conference, and on various other occasions during the three
days of his attendance, Morales posed the problem and the solution to it
thus: "The rich countries seek to divide the rest of us ... by offering
crumbs of money. Mother Earth can’t be preserved with money alone.
Europe’s food almost entirely depends upon petrol. What happens when
there is no petrol? This dependency on fossil fuel is a threat to
humanity, so we have to change the structures of food. It is a
structural problem of two forms of life: one way of living is the way of
over-consumption and waste, the way of luxury, of egoism and
individualism-capitalism. The other way is vivir bien — living well —
food enough for all and living in harmony with others and our Mother
Earth, in solidarity and complementarily."

At the final press conference -- for which I was one of two media
consultants during this two weeks, along with Nick Buxton -- for the
ALBA countries, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela
attended. Cuba's vice-president Esteben Lazo said that socialism offers
greater protection for the Earth than does capitalism:

/Before our revolution, capitalism had nearly depleted all our
forests. We have focused on replanting and now 20% of the land is
covered by forests. We also educate our school children about
ecology, and about the ALBA network. We are founded on principles of
solidarity, of human rights and nature’s rights./

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Thushara said...

One of a major issue which we are facing today.Contingencies avoid even our near future plans.
Yes ,Climate changes change every thing.Climate change solution involves good living definately
Thushara Udayanga

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