22 Dec 2009

Greens pull out of Barking to defeat BNP Nick Griffin

The London Federation of Green Parties is going to stand down in Barking to help defeat Nick Griffin. This was decided at a meeting yesterday

Nick the nasty is a product of Margaret Hodge the dreadful New labour Mp for Barking but rather the stodge than the Nazi?
Working class hatred of new labour has fuelled the BNP, so a green alternative to New Labour is needed.

However the Green Party is not in a position to mount a challenge in Barking.

Be great it Hodge stood down, she is so unpopular she could single handly give us Britain's first BNP MP.

Just had this from Green Left:

“Green Left welcomes the decision of the London Federation of Green Parties to call for no Green Party candidate to stand in the forthcoming general election for the constituency of Barking, in order to maximise the anti-Fascist vote. We regard this as a decision in favour of all progressive groups campaigning against the BNP in Barking and we pledge our full support for all efforts to defeat Nick Griffin and the BNP there. Despite wishing to provide voters with a progressive alternative, under the circumstances we consider it the best strategic decision not to stand a candidate in this election. We call on all voters in Barking to vote against the politics of hate and the BNP”

Joseph Healy has written more extensively here

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