13 Dec 2009

Islamphobic EDL mobilise just 15 people at Mosque demo in Harrow

The English Defence League/ Stop the Islamization of Europe promised to mobilise 1,500 supporters to protest outside a mosque in Harrow, however a mere 15 foot solidiers turned up today!

An offer to sit down and have a civilised conversation about the EDF's concerns about Islam from the iman was met by a refusal.

The fact that the EDL want to attack Muslims for following their religion is shocking but the fact that are unable to debate their concerns is telling.

Muslims like Catholics or Hindus or Jews or followers of any other tradition are ultimately sets of human beings not monsters.

Religion can be based on prejudice and intolerance, it is important to be critical but too often Muslims are singled out and demonised.

Good work from those who supported the counter demo

More here on the counter demo against the EDL from Martin from Brent Green Party http://wembleymatters.blogspot.com/2009/12/sioe-turn-out-not-promised-1500-nor-150.html

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