8 Dec 2009

British company bulldoze African village

Just had this, usual shit, bulldoze communities to extract resources....remember all the climate sceptics are driving the bulldozers!

The indigenous community of Sekuruwe in Limpopo, South Africa, suffered a great loss at the hands of Anglo Platinum last week.

In the face of mounting protests, on December 3rd, company bulldozers destroyed the Sekuruwe’s last remaining farmland, what little they had left since their land rights were handed over to the company last year.

“This aggressive violation by the mining company is the latest development in a week of hostile action against the community on its remaining land, this after a year of systematic destruction of its most arable land, ” says Jubilee South Africa in a recent press statement.

“The community has repeatedly stated that they did NOT give consent for Anglo Platinum to use their land. Despite repeated requests and demands that Anglo Platinum stop working on their land until the dispute is settled, Anglo Platinum proceeded to destroy the community’s fields, and call the police to arrest anyone who attempts to go onto their land to protect their crops.”

However, for a short time it looked like Sekuruwe would be able to claim a well-earned victory. After protesting for days on end, a group of 200 villagers forced Anglo Platinum to scurry behind their fenced-off encampment, also Sekuruwe land. The move surely brought tears of joy to the protesters.

Unfortunately, by the time the Bulldozers arrived on December 3, and with the police ready to make their move, those tears dried up, and the villagers could do nothing but stand by and watch.

Despite the tragic loss, the South African community, one of several effected by platinum mining in Limpopo, isn’t prepared to simply pack up and leave. Not while the water is being poisoned their air polluted, and even more land threatened.

For more information, please contact Mr. James Shiburi 072 478 3894; or George Dor Jubilee South Africa General Secretary +27 (0)11 648 7000 +27 (0)76 460 9620 george@mail.ngo.za

PHOTO CREDIT: Liane Greeff

What You Can Do
If you would like to show your support for the community of Sekuruwe, please urge Anglo American and Anglo Platinum to cease all operations effecting the community until they can obtain their informed consent. Please Call, Fax or Email:

Anglo American CEO, Cynthia Carroll (London, UK)
Phone: +44 (0)20 7968 8542, Fax: +44 (0) 20 7968 8687
Email: eshinnie@angloamerican.co.uk (Cynthia Carroll’s secretary)

Anglo Platinum CEO, Neville Nicolau (South Africa)
Inside South Africa:
Phone: 011 373 6111, Fax: 011 373 5111
Outside South Africa:
Phone: +27 11 373 6111, Fax: + 27 11 373 5111

You are also encouraged to contact:

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, Email: president@po.gov.za

Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs, Lulama Xingwana
Inside South Africa:
Phone: 012 319 7319, Fax: 012 321 8558
Outside South Africa:
Phone: +27 12 319 7319, Fax: +27 12 321 8558
Email: pa.minister@nda.agric.za

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