1 Aug 2007

Angry Lions eat thin trolls!

It's getting quite heated on my Guardian comment is free blog...loved this.

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August 1 16:46
USA For a country who claims to be so green, I'm a little perplexed at the passionate negative reaction to this article.
SOmething that hasn't been touched on is the severe environmental harm that comes from factory farmng of livestock in the form of biological waste, over consumption of grain supplies, diseases, and DESTRUCTION OF THE RAINFOREST and the waste of natural resourses used to transport cheap beef to the nearest MacDonalds.

FOr those who feel it's "natural" to consume meat and equate it to animals eating eachother in the wild... FUCK OFF! Last time I checked lions weren't driving cars to the local supermarket to purchase chemical and disease ridden meat, produced at lowest cost and wrapped in plastic. Since when is the life lived by most Europeans and AMericans considered "wild" The article was talking about factory farming and the brainwashing campaigns used to placate everyone's worries about harm to animals. The next time you fuckers are in the plains of Africa hunting deer with your bare hands I will gleefully join in with your bashing of animal rights activists and build the fire to cook it. Until then piss off.

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Peter said...

That's a great riposte. Despite my antipathy about veganism, the lack of respect we show to other species we share the planet with is quite overwhelming.

Derek Wall said...

Yes it was good comment, I think advancing the modest idea that we should give other species some moral consideration, does get some people frothing at the mouth.

Ok there are all sorts of difficult moral questions involved and boundaries are difficult to draw but the abuse heaped on the rest of nature is not a pretty thing

CommanderKeen said...

There was a good debate in the end as a result of your article. Shame you couldn't bring yourself to join in. I think you've done yourself, your cause and your party a huge disservice.

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