14 Aug 2007

Oppose homophobic hate crimes

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Hi everyone

please sign the petition to introduce specific homophobia and transphobia hate crime legislation. If you remember the horrible murder of Jordi Dubrowski in Clapham (who was so badly beaten to death his dental records had to be used to identify him) his murderers were sentenced on the grounds of ‘hostility based on sexual orientation’ as an aggravating factor, as the judge was unable to throw the book at their homophobia as the actual reason for the attack. The summary of that case led many to start pushing for specific homophobic hate crime legislation as one of the strongest legal routes to establish more fairness.

With the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, replying positively to a back bencher question on the subject in July, with more pressure we could have the positive legislation that we need and deserve.

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Full text below:
"In remembering the 40th anniversary of the Decriminalisation of Homosexuality and those who have been murdered and had their lives destroyed by homophobia, including David Morley and Jodi Dubrowski, we the undersigned urge the Prime Minister to introduce specific homophobia and transphobia hate crime legislation. We believe that the law should be re-written now to target incitement of hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity."

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Does prison work?

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