28 Aug 2007

Cannabis: Moderation not abolition

The current tabloid-fuelled hysteria against cannabis is pure
hypocrisy. Legal drugs like tobacco, alcohol and prescription medicine
cause far more damage and death than spliffs and hash cookies. Why the
double standards?

We need to distinguish between cannabis use and cannabis abuse. The
distinction is real and important. Cannabis may not be totally benign,
but it is not fair or reasonable to extrapolate from a minority of
cannabis abusers to generalise and damn all cannabis users. This is
like suggesting, on the basis of a study of alcoholics, that alcohol
is invariably damaging and should be banned.

More from Peter Tatchell here


s. keita said...

Since cannabis is smoked with tobacco (as Mr Tatchell admitted on "Any Questions"), there is no distinction between them.

So you think it's OK to break the law? No wonder you got 1% at Sedgefield.

Anonymous said...

legality wise, alcohol should be illegal, compared to cannabis. look at how many people it has killed, families destroyed, life's it has ruined.

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