17 Aug 2007

Brian Haw says Phone Ken on 0207 983 4100

Parliament Square fenced off, Brian Haw eviction threat...commons, enclosure, democracy nixed...latest news here

Apparently it is the GLA who have fenced off the Square. According to Kay from the Global Women's Strike Anna - 07786 465 238 who is there too on the ground in Parliament Square Maria is now inside her tent trying to stay. Brian is not being asked to leave but he is adamant that he needs his supporters like Anna and Maria.

The Global Womens Strike suggest ringing the Mayors Office: 0207 983 4100 and the GLA Switchboard 0207 983 4000 to ask for the fence to be removed.


thanks Miranda, you read it here first, but those late comers the BBC are reporting the eviction threat here.

More from Miranda Dunn:

Having spoken to Carl Robert Shaw at the Mayor's Office I have been advised that anyone wishing to complain about the Fencing of Parliament Square should email: mayor@london.gov.uk

and anyone wishing to complain to the Police about the treatment of Anna from Global Womens Strike and Maria from Brian Haw's Peace Camp should write to Commissioner Ian Blair at: commissioner@met.police.uk


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely excellent news indeed. That camp is simply appalling having walked past it many times. No problem with Brian and the others turning up every day to complain to the honourable members but that camp is a real eyesore.

cassandra said...

dear anonymous, if you think parliament square is an eyesore you should maybe broaden your horizons a little - check out iraq or afganistan for instance and then examine your priorities. the peace camp opposite parliament is the ONLY reminder london has that it is at war - everywhere else it is business as usual. the peace campers have been harrassed and constantly bullied by the authorties in every conceivable way (much of it overturned by the courts and deemed illegal) and yet, remakably they remain - they deserve the support of anyone who has opposed this war.

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