24 Aug 2007

We are in melt down

"The day Arctic people buy air conditioners, you go, 'Something's wrong here!'"

In a pioneering move, Watt-Cloutier launched the world's first legal action on climate change when she claimed that global warming is a human rights issue. In 2005, she sent the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights a petition that stated: "The subsistence culture central to Inuit cultural identity has been damaged by climate change and may cease to exist if action is not taken by the United States in concert with the community of nations."

Inuit people fear that climate change will destroy their way of life, read more here from an interesting article in the Guardian

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Anonymous said...

I agree. The link between environmental issues and social justice and human rights is a crucial one. Global warming can seem distant and easy to ignore, and human stories like this one make the whole debate more urgent.

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