20 Aug 2007

ITV 11PM, you must watch Pilger

ITV To Broadcast John Pilger's 'The War on Democracy' - Monday 20th August
[The War on Democracy, John Pilger's first feature documentary, will go to air on ITV1 on Monday, August 20 at 11pm. Set in Latin America and the US, The War on Democracy explores the historic and current relationship of Washington with countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile. In recognition of the film's significance, ITV will screen the film its entirety with only one commercial break. Since early June, TWOD has played at some 40 cinemas throughout the UK and returns to London on the 18 August at the Clapham Picture House. John Pilger will introduce the film on Sunday 19 August at 4pm and take post-screening questions.

Here is my review:


Derek Wall urges all Greens to watch 'The War on Democracy'...

The 'War on Democracy,' John Pilger's first cinema film, is to be released in cinemas in the UK on Friday June 15th 2007, starting with the Curzon Soho, Barbican, Ritzy Brixton and Cornerhouse Manchester. Derek Wall has urged people to go along and take a friend. (1)

Derek Wall commented: "The most harrowing part for me was seeing my friend Pablo's father, talking quite calmly about how he was tortured after the 1973 coup in Chile. In Chile a democratic and progressive government was over thrown with the help of the CIA and the notorious General Pinochet became a dictator. He of course became a close friend of Mrs Thatcher!

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Anonymous said...

Had been looking forward to this, but turned off when Pilger blamed the US depriving Cuba of democracy - same feeble argument used by US to justify dictatorship in Chile and most of Latin America (i.e. necessity due to Cold War, blame other side not those denying democracy). Think we have to be against dictatorships of left and right full stop.

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