18 Aug 2007

Green Party Exec nominations close

well you can vote for Darren, Ashley or Me.

A short year as I was elected in November but I have tried to pack it in.

The following four positions are contested by two or more candidates and will be decided by ballot of the membership.

Principal speaker, female
- Jenny Jones
- Caroline Lucas

Principal speaker, male
- Ashley Gunstock
- Darren Johnson
- Derek Wall

- Richard Mallinder
- Peter Cranie and David Ford (as job share)

Local Party Coordinator
- Chris Haine
- Jon Lucas

The following positions are currently contested by one candidate and will therefore have nominations reopened at conference and the elections for these positions (and internal communications) will take place there.

International Coordinator
- Volker Heinemann

Publications Coordinator
- Peter Murry

Elections Coordinator
- Sarah Birch

Management Coordinator
- Pete McAskie and Tony Cooper (as job share)

Policy Development
- Brian Heatley

External Communications
- Jim Killock

Campaigns Coordinator
- Jonathan Essex

Finance Coordinator
- Khalid Hussenbux

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Ryan said...


I would like to talk with you about a project I am working on, which as much as I would like to do in the UK, due to politics of power and energy, it will not be for some time.

I am currently talking with 1 country about providing them with free green energy and water, for free. I believe this is a basic human right, and it is designed to accomplish this globaly by 2050.

It uses already existing green tech, to accomplish this and other tech which is my own, unless someone has a better suggestion.




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