30 Aug 2007

Possible Green Presidential candidate speaks in Brixton!

had this from Shane, who does great work with lots of things, including the Green Party Drugs Workings Group, last hooked up with him at the Green Field at Glastonbury.

Just waiting final confirmation but it looks like Cynthia McKinney will
be speaking at the Urban Green Fair Sunday 9th Sept in Brockwell Park,
Brixton at 1pm.

She is particularly keen to meet Green Party members so treat your self
as invited. She will speak for 15-20 mins starting 1pm and then Q & A
for 30-40 mins. She will then have an hour at the Fair before going to
Leeds for an evening talk.

McKinney is well known in black and green circles in the US and will be
standing for the Green Party nomination as presidential candidate.
As such she provides a powerful example of an urban black green
coalition and one very relevant to us.

Also if your local party or organisation would like to have a stall at
the Urban Green Fair sign up at www.urbangreenfair.org.uk. Stalls cost
£10 with a green electricity bill and £30 otherwise. If, for some
reason, you are still using fossil fuel for power you can rectify this
in 10 mins and select a green energy provider via the website.

Please pass this invite around your networks.

best regards

Shane Collins
The Urban Green Fair
Sunday 9th September 2007
Brockwell Park, Brixton.
'cooling climate change
preparing for a post peak oil planet'
t 0208 671 5936
e shane@gn.apc.org

part of Transition Town Brixton

Peak Oil Primers

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