31 Aug 2007

appeal for witnesses

Please reply to legalsupport@climatecamp.org.uk

Appeal for Witnesses

The Legal Support working group would like to find witnesses to two
alleged assaults by activists on the police. If you saw anything relevant,
please get in touch with us on 07796 430 141 to make a statement.

Sunday 19th August: A young white man, slim build, shoulder length dark
hair, in a red boiler suit is accused of assaulting 2 police officers in an
alleyway near to the BAA offices. The alleged incident took place approx 20
minutes before the large 'kettle' near the BAA carpark.

Tuesday 21st August: The cops are claiming that an activist (white male, 5'
10", dark brown mohican, dressed in combat trousers and parka jacket - may
have been wearing a 'euro carpark' jacket over the top of the parka)
assaulted one of the police walking round the site. The incident took place
at 12.15pm. Were you on copwatch Tuesday at 12.15pm?? Did you witness the


Legal Support Team

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