26 Aug 2007

History and painting

The Beginning of History

Well the DIY is becoming addictive, I have stained the verandah so effectively I have painted myself in, I think I will advance on to more of this....carpentary and eco friendly solvent/paint/stain product advice welcome.

So literary output low today, would like to provide a detailed account of Massimo De Angelis's new book The Beginning of History...the title is rubbish and the writing style over the first few pages could be better and he doesn't really deal with ecology/green politics/ecosocialism

However these are small complaints it is a stunning book that seems to really hit the spot for me, it is definately the most accessible and persuasive and interesting book from a broadly autonomist perspective.

Enclosure and the battle for the Commons are central within it, go and buy it or order for your library.

I will try and get time to comment on it more but first I want to get through some more of Andy Dobson's Green Political Thought.

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