11 Aug 2007

Green Party Exec

Yes the excitement of Green Party Exec today, I missed the last one because I was speaking at the Manchester Climate Carnival and generally it was a positive meeting with some good planning for a possible October General Election.

We don't have any more information on this than you but preparation matters...

We kept off the leader question as well today!

Brown bounce lets see, I think merely not being Tony Blair and not being stupid enough to invade any where will be to his benefit but he is no green (look out for incinerators and motorways with his 'reforms' to planning) and no leftist but at the moment he still looks likely to benefit from not being Tony.

Could we be in for a major credit crunch and economic crisis, its possible and with the crunch interest rates should come down but with inflation the mpc will keep them steady or rising, so lets see.

The irony being ofcourse that economic problems might erode the former iron chancellor's reputation.

He has never had a reputation as some one who cares about the environment, a tree is just a barrier to business and investment to paraphrase some of his speechs on planning law and regulation and growth.

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