26 Jan 2010


just got this from Martin

Negotiations between the police and Stop the War broke down
today when it became clear that the government is trying to
hide our legitimate peaceful protest from Tony Blair when he
gives evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry on Friday.

After days in which we were told by the police that they would
try to facilitate our protest, Stop the War has been told we
will not be allowed to protest on the grass outside the QEII
Conference Centre.

This is a denial of our democratic rights and Stop the War
will now call for the widest possible mobilisation, not just
to express the majority view in this country that Tony Blair
should be held to account for war crimes, but in defence of
the right to protest.

Why should the public be denied the right to peaceful protest,
particularly when the latest evidence given to the Chilcot
Committee shows beyond doubt that Tony Blair knew he was
taking Britain into an illegal war, and that he doctored legal
advice to deceive his Cabinet, Parliament and the British

Stop the War is calling on all its supporters, local groups
and affiliated organisations to mobilise the widest possible
support for the Blair protest on Friday.

We urge everyone who can to join the demonstration at the QEII
Conference Centre from 8am. Full details for the planned
events are here: http://bit.ly/8mKM0T

Spread the word as widely as you can among your family,
friends, work colleagues, fellow students etc, etc


Anonymous said...

Why do people want to protest about Tony Blair giving evidence?

Surely it's good that he's giving evidence.

How would you feel if they made a decision, that due to all the protests, he won't be giving evidence any more?

Just let him get on with it.

ceedee said...

On the contrary, it's very 'good' that people want to protest that Blair still hasn't been arrested.

What gets my back up are these stupid claims that somebody's right to protest, free speech or somesuch are being infringed when actually the police (or in this case, the land-owner) wants the protest moved a few metres.

Call 'em out next time, Derek?

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