6 Jan 2010

The EcoLogics blog is under attack

Like most people who have worked or studied at a British university, I am quite angry about what is happening to the university system.

I suspect that Sir Howard Newby will, rightly or wrongly, act as a lightening rod for wider concerns over how the university system works.

Do link to Ecologics, a great blog, that I was unaware of until it was closed down after blogging about Sir Howard,

Happily its back and it deserves a huge audience:

The EcoLogics blog is under attack

A short message to thank all the people who have visited the website in the wake of WordPress’s decision to remove several EcoLogics posts concerning Sir Howard Newby. I have contacted WordPress to request clarification as to the how’s and why’s of their actions. When WordPress answers my queries I will post further commentary on the subject—please stay tuned, and thanks again for your support.

Update at 14.50, 6/1/10: still no answer to my email requesting clarification. I am assuming that there will be some kind of reply to my last request for info, but if not will publish some remarks tomorrow morning (GMT). One of the things that I want to say is that I’m really disappointed—not with the people behind the action, of course, but with WordPress, which has thus far been a kind of internet hero for me. Having said that, I have no doubt that the events reflect the state of libel laws in the UK, laws which I’ve written about here in EcoLogics.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone for visiting this site; whoever is behind the action to remove the posts has inadvertently generated something of a ratings bonanza for this tiny blog.

http://ecologics.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/the-ecologics-blog-is-under-attack/More here


Anonymous said...

erm who is Sir Howard???


Derek Wall said...

click on the links and all will be revealed, do it quickly because I may be taken down as well!

Sir Howard is a man we should all be following.

Larry O'Hara said...

he seems to be a standard vice chancellor/ruthless capitalist type. As for censorship, the systematic exclusion of dissenting opinions is rife in academe, where it seems the mediocre prosper. Whatever else universities are, citadels of free thinking and academic debate of a high quality isn't one of them. EP Thompson (Warwick University Ltd) was right.

Derek Wall said...

very true Larry, E.P.Thompson was also a rare example of an academic who didn't bend under pressure and whose career suffered (not that I think it bothered him).

The Bristol Blogger said...

Full name and address of the complainant is:

Mr Kevan Ryan
Director of Legal Services
The University of Liverpool
The Foundation Building
765 Brownlow Hill
Liverpool L69 7ZX

It’s nice to know the taxpayers paying to protect Sir Howard from questions over his private business affairs isn’t it?

Anonymous said...

Dear Derek Wall

Many thanks for your generous comments concerning the EcoLogics blog. A reply to the University of Liverpool Legal Department has now been posted at the blog. In it EcoLogics suggests that whomever is behind this action appears not to understand the spirit of academic creation. The new post may be read at http://ecologics.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/when-the-exchange-of-knowledge-is-threatened/ Many more posts on this subject will follow. The blog is here to stay. All the best, EcoLogics

Derek Wall said...

keep up the good work!

Mbah Gendeng said...

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