16 Jan 2010

Haiti 'a repeat of what they did to us in New Orleans

Just got this from Les who is in New Orleans, so has seen US disaster relief at first hand, its called disaster relief because its a disaster.

ths is a repeat of what they dd to us in New orleans - or rather didn't do.

In NO the focus was on preventng "looting" and protectng private property.

Food and water , etc. were forcible prevented from rreaching us.

I cALLED fEMA hq IN dALLAS, tX AND THEY JUST MADE EXCUSES CLAIMNG THAT IT WAS TOO DANGEROUS TO go nto New orleans. was out on the streets everyday and did not see a single bit of vilence or dsorder, just people trying to help each other.

I told the Fema rep they could do airdrops but the rep had no response.

I mentioned that airdrops were done within 2 days after Hurrican Becky in the 60's. Agan just empty excuses.

This was on Wed morning following the levee breaks.

Us locals who were here HATE the Red Cross who clamed they could not come into the city because it was not safe.

One former boss from New Iberia told me he had ten truckloads of food and supplies ready to go n but that the National Guard at the highest levels refused to let him in.

Haiti is seeing the same type of non response.

This is criminal.

Les Evenchick
New Orleans


Green Gordon said...

Nice to see Haiti thrown in at the end there, but some detail about these perceived parallels might have been more useful. Was new orleans airport swamped by aid flights wanting to come in for instance?

tim said...

A look at how the hideous capitalist press (neocon and liberal alike) are presenting the situation:

Anonymous said...

I was wondering yesterday if Katrina victims would have a different perspective after Haiti. By that, I mean that when you're "IN" the disaster as Katrina victims were, you can't see the aid coming in from everywhere. You can only see what's in front of you which seems so helpless. You couldn't see all of the world launching a response just as they are doing in Haiti. I see that this hasn't changed a perspective and I can understand that.

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