17 Jan 2010


End the Siege of Gaza - Bring Israeli War Criminals to Justice

Tuesday 19 January 2010 - 7pm

Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL, London

Organised by PSC, STWC, CND and BMI.

Reporting back from the Viva Palestina / PSC Aid convoy just back from Gaza!

Speakers include:

Dr Karma Nabulsi, Oxford University

Bruce Kent, Vice President Pax Christi

Sir Gerald Kaufman MP

Phyllis Starkey MP


George Galloway MP

Alison Shepherd, UNISON

Daud Abdullah, Middle East Monitor

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Kate Hudson, Chair CND

Alexei Sayle

Richard Burden MP

Joseph Healy, The Green Party

Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition

Hugh Lanning, Deputy General Secretary PCS

Joseph Healy, The Green Party

Simon Dubbins, UNITE

Nicci Enchmarch, PSC

Anas Altikriti, BMI

Ismael Patel, Friends of Al Aqsa

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