10 Jan 2010

SWP conference purges 'guevarist'

My expulsion from the SWP has been ratified by conference.

I'm taking a few days to let it sink in, to collect my thoughts etc and will write something here soon.

Thx for all your support. I'm out but not down.

From Clare (the autonomist, renegade, guevarist, dilletante, spawn of the devil)

More here from Clare Solomon.....I don't think expulsions make any political party look good and Clare seems to have been kicked out for A) being on the losing side in an internal debate B) Organising a good political event.


A said...

Why are you in another political party apart from the Greens anyway... conflict of interest?

Derek Wall said...

I am not in the SWP just quoting Clare Solomon, who seems like some one any political party would love to have, a dynamic compassionate imaginative activist.

Click on her link.

I am not tempted by the SWP or similar parties.

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

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