23 Jan 2010

Joel Kovel at London Green Party meeting this monday

This is a reminder to all comrades in and near London of our meeting with
Joel Kovel at 7pm on Monday in the Lucas Arms, Grays Inn Road. This will be
the last meeting that Joel will be speaking at in Britain during his visit,
and the only one for the Green Party. If you weren't able to get to the very
successful seminar we held jointly with Socialist Resistance last Saturday
(well, actually, even if you did get to it) I urge you not to miss this
last opportunity to hear Joel speak.


Well I guess the person who inspires me most who I actually know and work with is the indigenous leader Hugo Blanco in Peru, although I have never met them and Nick is sadly no longer with us, those Australian ecosocialists Nick Origlass and Alan Roberts are an inspiration in putting it altogether green politics/socialism/focused action like getting elected and using direct action to get things done.

And of course if we have a sustainable and just future, it will be largely because of Professor Elinor Ostrom, who is turning economics right way up after a long period of it being a short term science of greed! She kicks serious arse in a measured academic way....and stands in solidarity with indigenous, peasants and others who defend the environment and protect their land from theft (she should have been Avatar!)

However where would I be without Joel.

I was so impressed by Joel running against Ralph Nader as Green Party Presidential candidate to push ecosocialist politics, that I started running for some Green Party positions here in the UK....alas he didn't become Presidential candidate....

His work on ecosocialism in his great book The Enemy of Nature is very very important, he identifies capitalism as the efficient cause of climate change and other environmental threats.

His work as a Jewish opponent of Zionism got him kicked out of an academic post at Bard College....such is the USA a repressive state where those who challenge the status quo lose their jobs.

I am lucky enough to be meeting up with Joel and Richard Kuper, Joseph Healy and Sally and Sean Thompson tomorrow evening....which I am very much looking forward to and getting along to the meeting on monday...great that this is an official Green Party event.


Anonymous said...

Do you have to be a member of the Greens to come along?

Derek Wall said...

its open to all, so do come along..

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