30 Jan 2010

People are not pollution

Despite the good intentions of its green advocates, support for immigration controls strengthens the most regressive forces in our societies and weakens our ability to stop climate change.
It gives conservative governments and reactionary politicians an easy-out, allowing them to pose as friends of the environment by restricting immigration, while doing nothing to reduce real emissions.
It hands a weapon to climate change deniers, allowing them to portray the climate movement as hostile to the legitimate aspirations of the poorest and most oppressed people in the world.
People are not pollution. Inserting immigration into the climate change debate divides the environmental movement along race, class and gender lines, at a time when the broadest possible unity is essential. It is a dangerous diversion from the real issues, one the movement cannot afford and should not support.

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tim said...

There is a disturbing trend of mainstream and liberal greens to take up the reactionary anti-immigrant cause. That's one more reason why ecosocialism is the only ecologically sustainable AND humane way to proceed into the future in the long run.

Derek Wall said...

Yes Tim,

although the Green Party supports migrants, for example, we work with the Latin American Workers Association.

hey I am blogging later about the 1985 ecosocialist Edge of Darkness....well may be more deep ecology but not Mel

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