2 Jan 2010

Mother Nature & the Natives take on the Capitalist War Machine

'it's really still the insurgent religion to muscular Christianity and militarist nationalism. This is one of the rare films in which the Goddess (Mother Nature & the Natives) takes on the Capitalist War Machine and... well, you'll have to see who wins.'

I must go and see Avatar.

Now of course the real film would be how the Awajun and the Wampis do this stuff for real but I doubt Hollywood will pick up on their heroic success and its all too rare that environmentalist do. When we sloganise about saving the Earth, is it just a slogan? Sadly a lot of the time it is. There is an epic conflict between people at the grassroots who protect key ecosystems and corporations keen to steal the land, yet many greens read Al Gore and change light bulbs or worry about wheelie bins. Come on get real!

My focus is on practical politics and my area of key interest is the seemingly dull topic of property rights. Get secure property rights that protect free access and ecology and you get prosperity with sustainability (Karl Marx and Elinor Ostrom are the prophets here much to the surprise of most of their supposed adherents!)

One blog that looks rather deeper than I do, examining the cultural and ontological questions is Immanence. Give it a click and see what you think.


pontifex minimus said...

"My focus is on practical politics and my area of key interest is the seemingly dull topic of property rights."

You might be interested then in this:

"Starting with the necessary valuation and registration process, we will move to introduce a Site Valuation Tax for non-agricultural land."


Derek Wall said...

thanks its more Elinor Ostrom than henry george, cheers though

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