9 Jan 2010

Socialist Workers Party blogger?

SWP blog, looks an embittered ex-member is blogging about Britain's biggest far left party.

It’s often been said that the largest group of revolutionary socialists inside the UK is probably that made up of ex-SWP members, and I count myself among that happy band. While my politics are still essentially those of the IS tradition that the SWP springs from, I’ve grown far more critical over the years of the party’s bureaucratic internal regime, which seems so completely at odds with its dedication to the cause of ’socialism from below’. While the blog is necessarily likely to reflect my own critical perspective on the SWP’s recent trajectory, it’s important to point out that the pages of the blog will be open to all those who situate themselves broadly within the IS/SWP tradition. Posts from those who support the SWP in its current form are just as welcome as material sent in by its critics. If you are interested in contributing something just email me at drprune@hotmail.com with the text of your post or a proposal for an article.

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I am going to be blogging about Martin Empson's booklet on marx and ecology, although a lot of my time seems to be taken up with using the hair dryer to unfreeze my pipes.

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Prunius said...

Hi Derek, thanks for mentioning my blog. I wouldn't describe myself as "bitter" about the SWP, I'm just an ex-member who's critical of the party's internal regime. In other respects my politics are still pretty much IS in character, though I'd say I'm far more open to other approaches (e.g. your own!) than I would have been a few years ago. Thanks for the heads-up anyway though! Cheers, Prunius.

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