12 Jan 2010

Ban of Islam4UK is wrong

Well while I disagree with their ideology, I can't see it as right to ban.

It will of course make them look like martyrs, give them publicity and they will simply reform.

It is very damaging to Islam in its liberal forms and will feed the growth of the regressive forms of Islam.

Bad news.

Looks like a bit of electioneering from New Labour.


This machine kills fascists said...

don't ban them, meet them head on and defeat them

we defeated one lot of would-be jew exterminators in 1945 but at a great cost. Let's not leave it so late this time and see these odious people for what they are.

Mr Andy C said...

Plus, it appears only Muslim groups are being banned. I don't agree with banning groups, but if they are why are they not taking the same action against the BNP, NF and EDL?

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