22 Jan 2010

Jessica Goldfinch to fight Norwich North


Jessica Goldfinch will make an excellent candidate for Norwich North, I think she was one of the my first councillors for the Green Party in the city.

I think she is excellent and I am also a little biased but she always encouraged and gave me support when I was party speaker.

Good to see more strong women candidate's like her and Natalie Bennett emerging....my local party is growing quite rapidly but looks like we will have white male PPCs like me....diversity good.

Rupert Read has bowed out....not sure why, although he seems to be doing lots of blogging and campaigning.

Looks like we are heading in the direct of 300 candidates.

The manifesto is being put together by my good friend Andy Dobson, author of Green Political Thought...so looking forward to that....planning some of my own General Election stuff over the weekend and down to Brighton yet again for Caroline on 30th Jan....why not join me in Brighton or even come and help my election campaign in Windsor.

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