29 Jan 2010

Blair parent of 100,000s of dead keeps lying.

Blair helped kill 100,000s of innocent people.

Now he is rewarded with hedge fund posts, million dollar speaking tours....the works.

As some one once said Murder is the sport of the elected.

If you are not involved in politics, you have to be. The Blairs get richly rewarded for doing the work which benefits arms corporations, we have to resist.

We need to build green politics and keep it radical.....good intentions are never enough, the political system selects the worst people and shapes them to do greater wrongs.

Sickening to hear him boasting about his role in the war, just a few years before the US and UK were arming Saddam Hussein.

Iran is a repressive regime that needs challenging but it is interesting that Blair said nothing about Israel when he was calling for an attack on Iran.

Cameron and Brown would kill again I am sure. Without the massive and vocal protests it might have been even worse.

Depressing but a call to non violent arms.

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