5 Jan 2010

RMT reject son of no 2EU.

The news has come through that despite Bob Crow's support, his union the RMT have voted to reject supporting a list of socialist candidates for the General Election.

In the Euro elections the No 2 EU list, gained around 1% of the vote.

While I think it is important to challenge the three pro-privitisation political parties, the best placed people to do so in the vast majority of constituencies are the Green Party.

In some seats a challenge outside the Green Party is possible, for example, in Birmingham Salma Yaqoob could be elected MP.

Dave Nellist in Coventry also has some support.

Of course Dai Davies is already MP for Blaneau Gwent, it would be great if Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Green Party gave him a free run.

Last minute selection of candidates wont do, starting a new political party weeks before a General Election, 6th May is now almost certain, is bound to lead to badly lost deposits.

I believe the Alliance for Green Socialism, CPB and Socialist Party are still trying to create an electoral alternative.

I hope they support Caroline Lucas instead!

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