18 Jan 2010

UCU Left candidates support Palestinian rights

I am putting out my normal call to support UCU left candidates, Sue Blackwell is particularly impressive and I believe is a member of an ecosocialist political party.

Dear supporter

UCU is just about to hold its annual elections for its NEC. For the past couple of years there has been a slim majority on the NEC of people sympathetic to the call for an Academic Boycot of Israel we would like to see this majority strengthened.

We are asking all HE members to support Sue Blackwell who is a core member of BRICUP and a long term effective advocate for the call for an Academic Boycott.

We have found most support for BRICUP's positions from amongst the UCU Left members of the NEC and while UCU left does not have a formal position on the boycott call, webelieve that a vote for the UCU left candidates will strengthen UCU's position on action to support Palestinian Rights.

Please encourage other members of your branch to vote for these candidates too.

UCU Left are calling for support for the following candidates:

Vice President Sean Vernell

Geographically elected Regional NEC seats:

London & East (Higher Education) Mark Campbell

Jane Hardy

Jim Wolfreys

North East ( Higher education) Elizabeth Lawrence

Gavin Read

Jeff Fowler

North East (Further Education) Dave Gibson

Vanessa Maugham

Nationally Elected Seats ( Higher education)

Mark Campbell

Christine Vie

Jean Crocker

Sue Blackwell

Dominque Lautenburg

Nationally Elected Seats ( Further Education)

Richard McEwan

Craig Lewis

Mike Barton

Keith Mallinson

Equality Seats

(Women Higher Education))

Veronica Killen

Marion Hersch

(Women Further Education)

Alison Lord

You can find out more about these candidates at http://www.uculeft.devisland.net/nec-elections-2010.html

Mike Cushman

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