8 Jan 2010

George Galloway deported!


British MP George Galloway was officially deported from Cairo today (Friday), when Egyptian ununiformed plane clothes police officers bundled him onto a London plane. Galloway had been trying to return to Rafah after news broke that seven of the Viva Palestina convoy members were said to be arrested.

Police - who at one point were numbered at 25 mainly plane clothes officers, refused him to return.

Several officers even followed Galloway to the toilet, rest room and a BA lounge.

Picture below is of one officer, presumed to be from Mukhabarat which was taken outside the BA lounge airside.

The incident began after George Galloway and his colleague Ron McKay arrived at the Rafah crossing from Gaza to Egypt. As soon as they emerged onto Egyptian soil both Men were forcibly pushed into a van, refused exit and told that they were leaving the country. They were then driven off in a police convoy.

Viva Palestina convoy of 550 people from 17 countries was attacked by Egyptian riot police and plane clothes intelligence officers in the early hours of Wednesday (6th January). 55 of the convoy members were injured and 7 were also arrested.

However Galloway and Turkish MP's struck a deal with Egyptian authorities, part of this deal was that the 7 detainees were released without charge.

On the enforced drive to Cairo, news came through of the imminent arrest of the 7 but when Galloway demanded to return to Rafah, permission was repeatedly denied.

For further information please call Alice Howard on Tel: 07944 512 469 or via email at alice@vivapalestina.org

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