24 Jan 2010

Brighton Workers Speak Out * Striking against job cuts 9th Feb

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Hanover Room,Brighthelm Centre
North Road (corner of Queens Rd),5 mins from Brighton station
Brighton, United Kingdom

Politicians, economic "experts" and the media are continually announcing the end of the recession.
With top bankers receiving record bonuses again, it may be over for a few. But for the rest of us the threat of unemployment and public service cuts is still growing.

Brighton and Hove Unison and Brighton and Hove District Trades Council have recently held large meetings to give a voice to trade unionists and others resisting the effects of a recession we played no part in creating.
Council City clean staff spoke of their success against the pay cutting council, alongside postal workers and Lloyds bank call centre staff.

Our next meeting will include:

* local RMT member, who's union is seriously considering balloting for strike action to stop Network Rail axeing 1500 track maintenance jobs
* Sussex University UCU, members currently balloting for strike action against 115 job losses.
* A local Unite organiser and factory steward from Edwards, who are closing factories in Shoreham and Burgess Hill with 220 jobs threatened.
* FBU reps from Preston Circus Fire Station, who are trying to stop management moving their station to a less suitable location

There will be plenty of time for others involved in local or national disputes, including job centre staff,Argus journalists and strikers from IT firm Fujitsu, to share their experiences. We will also be discussing what we can all do to help each group, how we can link the struggles together, and what we can all do to prepare for the even bigger attacks on us all after the election. There will be space for informal networking after the meeting.

Organised by Brighton and Hove Trades Council and Brighton and Hove Unison
Supported by Brighton Workers Solidarity Group

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