29 Jan 2010

Caroline and Salma, "the threat of a good example"

It's ironic that Nancy Platts (M Star January 26) questions Caroline Lucas's voting record as a future MP before Caroline has even been elected.

All three traditional parties, marked by their commitment to neoliberal policies and competition to make cuts, are terrified that MPs with a radical agenda could be elected.

Nancy Platts, as a Labour candidate for Brighton Pavilion, advocates policies such as rail nationalisation that have been rejected by her own party but are solid Green Party policies in our manifesto.

In the 1980s Nicaragua, after the Sandinista revolution, was said to have provided "the threat of a good example" and was crushed by the US because of this.

Politicians like Caroline Lucas and Salma Yaqoob, if elected, would put the grey policies of the traditional parties to shame which is why, as the general election comes nearer, the pressure will be piled on.

The pro-market consensus cannot be challenged by the threat of their good example.

A recent ICM poll put Caroline Lucas ahead of the Tories with Platts in third place. The election of Caroline Lucas would make history by electing Britain's first Green MP on a programme of ecological sanity, social justice and peace.

Platts's party has presided over an illegal war in Iraq and has failed to strengthen trade union rights. It is clear whom Morning Star voters should be supporting.

Derek Wall
Elm Drive
Cranbourne Hall,

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