5 Jan 2010

'material he had published on Sir Howard Newby in 2007'

just noticed these comments http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/story.asp?storycode=405004

Several blog posts discussing Sir Howard have been taken down, so if another green world disappears it may not be the work of the 'porketeriat', etc.

No smoke without fire 24 January, 2009
I'm intrigued that so many comments, critical of the Newby's management style, appear and then rapidly disappear from this site. Are they a little too near the mark, perhaps?

Nemesis 26 January, 2009
Joan. I think you will find that Sheila Newby was appointed as assistant TO the VC and NOT assistant VC and you should not insituate it was any other way.

ximenes 30 January, 2009
re NSWF I agree as I see my comment in response to "Joan" was removed and then reiterated by Nemesis. As a UWE employee it always amazed me how on earth we stayed out of the press so long when HN was in power there given the madness of some of the tings that were going on but it seems even the mighty THE can be cowed in these circumstances!!

Don Quixote 30 January, 2009
"transform them selves into engines for change".... are they on drugs? metaphors are fine, but they shouls be metaphors FOR something, not instead of something - for example, "the Emporer's new clothes"...

Spirit of Cremation 2 February, 2009
Ximenes - in answer to the question about staying out of the press given what went on at UWE, HN must have seen Leeds Met as a god send. What will he do now that Simon Lee has departed.

BristleKRS 5 January, 2010
Those following the Newby story will perhaps be interested to note that today popular local news blog 'The Bristol Blogger' was taken down by WordPress due to 'ToS violation'; after a morning of speculation, it transpired that this related to "material he had published on Sir Howard Newby in 2007." The word 'defamation' was bandied around. The material in question (as I understand it) related to Newby's use of consultants connected to him and his wife, the appointment of his wife, and other such issues - all mentioned before or after in other places, including THE, Private Eye, The Guardian etc. TBB is now back online, but WordPress is insisting on the removal of the references to Sir How 'Ard.

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