7 Feb 2009

Bring old shoes to Downing Street next thursday?

Demonstrate against Heathrow Expansion !

Protest outside Downing Street, from 5.30 pm Thursday 19th February

(for preparatory meeting see below)

Demonstration against the crass decision to expand Heathrow – outside Downing Street, from 5.30pm on Thursday 19th February.

Bring the message home to Brown !

They will never build the 3rd runway but this decision shows that Brown is happy to continue in ‘carbon-intensive-growth-as-usual’ mode just when we should be sending out a strong signal that we are making climate change priority number one, in advance of the critical Copenhagen Climate Talks coming up in December …….. This decision has to be challenged ….to the maximum degree possible !

Bring banners / posters / creative creations / etc that target Brown
- and show him up to be anti-environmental / dinosaur / gormless-wally-that-doesn’t get climate change / etc…
We need to show him there will be a political cost to his decision.

Speakers to include Susan Kramer MP (Lib Dems) - other speakers to be announced ………

I am not sure I go with the one eyed man is blind to climate change line here but will be on the demo shouting some kind of slogan

Organised by Campaign against climate Change - see www.campaigncc.org/heathrow

London Activists Meeting for Heathrow Demo, Wednesday 11th

6.30 pm at the CCC offices, 5 Caledonian Road (above Housermans Bookshop - ring buzzer on green door to left, or ask in shop), a minute from KIngs Cross Station

Help organise the demo !


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