12 Feb 2009

Green Party candidate injured by whalers

I went for a nice pint with Steve and Mark, both fellow Green Party, back a few months ago in Twickenham...great guys, sorry to hear about Steve's injury...he is doing the work of Gaia on the high seas, one more push and the Japanese Whaling industry will die.

this is from my amigo Noel.

*Green Party candidate needed five stitches after whaling clash
A British anti whaling protester needed five stitches in a head wound after a high seas confrontation last week between Japanese whale hunters and conservationists.Steven Roest, 42, was left bleeding when his rubber dinghy tried to prevent the Japanese from hauling on board a dead Minke whale.

Mr Roest, the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Twickenham, was taking part in a protest organised by Sea Shepherd, an anti-whale hunting environmental charity, to which actor Pierce Brosnan is a listed advisor.

People on the conservation ship, Steve Irwin - said they had been attacked by three Japanese whaling ships at the end of last week.

For the whole story and photo :

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