David McLellan lectures on Marx and Ecology

23rd February 09: Marxism and Ecology

David McLellan will discuss whether Marxism and ecology are incompatible or whether, on the contrary, Marxism can contribute to solving the most important crisis facing our world.

I wonder what he will say! I found McLellan's excellent books on Marx and Marxism essential for my political education, clearly explaining Marx's fascinating ideas with clarity, while flagging up the varied disputes and differences of interpretation.

I met my hero by accident in the politics dept of Goldsmiths College, a few years back, where he was clutching a Korean edition of one of his books.

I can't say that in earlier books as I remember them he debated the relationship between Marx and Ecology, the guide to this topic is ofcourse John Bellamy Foster's splendid title.

McLellan has ofcourse discussed the Paris Manuscripts and the Grundrisse, if I remember rightly he thought the 'young' and the 'old' Marx were the same guy.

If I can I will try and get along to the lecture...its from the Marx Memorial Library.


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