10 Feb 2009

UCU ballot papers just arrived!

Well one big union battle is in Amicus/Unite where I am sure Green Party members will vote for Jerry Hicks as he is the only candidate to support green jobs and to oppose expansion of Heathrow.

However I happen to be a member of UCU the lecturers union, that ballot papers have gone out and I am going to be voting for UCU Left candidates.

UCU members need representatives on the NEC who will fight alongside them. Our NEC should be made up of the best local and regional activists who stand up for and mobilise UCU members. They need to be representatives who truly make themselves accountable to the members and they need to reflect the dynamism of our new union, women and men, black and white, gay and straight, disabled and non-disabled.

You can find the UCU Left candidates by clicking here

The boycott of Israel has been a very live issue, I along with the Green Party of England and Wales support the boycott.

Incidentally I have just learn't our excellent MEP Caroline Lucas will be visiting Palestine soon...so please support her in the Euro Elections which are coming up in June.

In Israel I am hoping the pro peace parties win seats including the Green Movement and Hadesh...unfortunately I suspect that the right are going to do well...we shall have to see what happens as the results come out (I am assuming this will be tonight).

20% of voters in Israel are Arabs but the right want to bring in loyalty tests to strip them of their voting rights, scary stuff.

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