Pope welcomes homphobic hate priest back into Catholic Church

"Take another example of this grave disruption of nature in the U.S.A. today: the invasion of public life by gays and lesbians, men and women being "delivered up to shameful affections...changing the natural use into that which is against nature" (Rom. I, 26, 27), then flaunting their unnatural vice in public and being rewarded by the vile media with a blaze of publicity. And decent citizens seem unable to do much about it, partly no doubt because "in countries known as progressive and enlightened, we have created a senseless, filthy, abominable literature" (Pr. 14)

Is apparently a quotation from Bishop Richard Williamson, at least, according to a right wing website

Richard Williamson has recently been allowed back into the Catholic Church by the Pope, despite or because of such right wing, sentiments.

Williamson's support for holocaust deniers and extreme anti-semites has been chronicled extensively by the media.


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